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Venice Holidays

Explore one of the top destinations in Italy with our expertly curated Venice holidays. Let this region capture your imagination like it has done for many artists, explorers and other tourists and travellers over the centuries.

Venice Tours

From the grand, gothic architecture to the tiny bridges connecting winding streets and busy canals, a trip to Venice, Italy with Travel Department will truly captivate you. Along with the magical air that surrounds the city, there is also deep history to this region.

On our tours to Venice, we’ll learn about this history as we visit its most famous attractions with our local, expert guide. From the bustling St. Mark’s Square to the opulent Ca’ d’Oro, the busy Rialto Bridge to Gothic masterpiece Palazzo Ducale, this city is filled to the brim with fascinating sights for us to discover. Admire some of the best-preserved architecture with amazing stories behind it that will truly take you on journey.

If you’re looking for a more tranquil Venice trip, come with us to the Venetian Riviera. Boasting the perfect mix of coastal relaxation and time to explore the city, this Venice tour uncovers gems you will never forget. Wander along the piazzas, bridges and ornate dwellings that adorn the quayside and feel like you’re in paradise.

Our 2024 Venice holidays include return flights, accommodation, transfers and excursions with an expert guide, so you get the most out of your holiday.

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Top Places To Visit & Tourist Attractions In Venice

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

Of the four bridges that cross the Grand Canal in Venice, the Ponte di Rialto is the oldest. This busy bridge connects the districts of San Polo and San Marco and is one of the top visitor attractions in the city. On our holidays to Venice, we’ll enjoy plenty of free time to marvel at the bridge from the banks of the Grand Canal or browse through the shops that line the inside of the structure, selling jewellery, linens, Murano glass and more.

Ca’ d’Oro

Ca’ d’Oro

The Ca’ d’Oro is widely regarded as one of the best-preserved examples of a Venetian Gothic palace and is the perfect spot to imagine what life would have been like during the glory of the Venetian Republic. Today, the palace houses the Galleria Franchetti, an impressive collection of bronzes, tapestries and paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries, including many works by Titian. When visiting the Ca’ d’Oro, make sure to take in the stunning panoramic views from the balconies over the Grand Canal on the first and second floors.

St Mark’s Square & Basilica

St Mark’s Square & Basilica

The main public square in Venice and one of the most famous in the world, St. Mark’s Square is a must-see highlight for anyone visiting Venice. Surrounding the square is a number of magnificent buildings but the crown jewel of St. Mark’s is the beautiful Basilica di San Marco. The numerous domes and arches of this spectacular basilica are adorned with an incredible array of artistic, iconographic and religious works from some of the greatest Italian and European artist throughout the centuries. On our holidays including Venice, we’ll visit St. Mark’s Square and admire this awe-inspiring structure.

Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale

Also known as the Doge’s Palace, the Palazzo Ducale was the residence and administrative seat for the ruler of the former Republic of Venice. This Venetian Gothic masterpiece overlooks St. Mark’s Square and the main artery of Venice, the Grand Canal. The palace is home to grand staircases, magnificent works of art, lush royal apartments and even a prison that once housed the famous adventurer Giacomo Casanova. On our holidays to Venice, we’ll have the opportunity to see the Doge’s Palace and hear about its history with insights from an expert guide.

The Venetian Riviera – Lido di Jesolo FAQS

Do Lido di Jesolo hotels provide entertainment and is free WiFi available?


While WiFi is free in most restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels, it may be confined to the public areas of the hotel only, so do check your hotel facilities in Lido di Jesolo. Hotels generally don’t feature entertainment. However, live music can be enjoyed at pavement cafes, restaurants, and sometimes parks and other public spaces during the summer months.

Can hotels in Lido di Jesolo provide meals to suit my dietary requirements?


Travel Department can inform our Lido di Jesolo hotels of your dietary requests, such as gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan foods, when notified in advance. Please note that choices may be limited compared to the offering found in hotels at home.

Is there a dress code at my hotel or going out in Lido di Jesolo?


For restaurants and hotel dining rooms you can dress casually, but we suggest you avoid wearing “beach wear”, such as shorts and flip flops. When visiting churches and holy places, cover up bare flesh; shoulders, chest, legs.

I have walking difficulties, is an excursion to Venice suitable?


Due to the unique nature and position of Venice, some parts of your excursion will involve travelling by waterbus.  Your guided walking tour will have a duration of approximately 2.5 hours. Although this is mostly on the flat, some of the terrain will be uneven or cobbled. A reasonable degree of health and mobility is required.  For specific advice regarding our guided Venice excursions and to discuss any special needs, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist. 

Will I be met at the airport?


You will be met on arrival at your destination airport and transferred to your accommodation. You will be accompanied on all included excursions by your Travel Department guide. Your expert local guide is also available to give you tips and advice on any aspect of your holiday.

Will our guided tour to Venice go ahead if there are floods?


High water levels may occasionally occur in Venice and are unpredictable. In the event of unsuitable conditions, your guide may change the scheduled day of operation or (very rarely) substitute the excursion to Venice with an alternative full day excursion.

What are the most popular food and drinks to try on the Venetian Riviera?


Due to its position on the Adriatic Coast, the Venetian Riviera offers great seafood dishes, for example the popular fritto misto – crunchy fried squid and prawns, served with a squeeze of zingy lemon.  As Venice was historically an important trading hub you will see some influences from the Middle East, with many recipes featuring delicate spicing. If you fancy a sweet treat, then try Buranelli. These Venetian butter biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to a coffee as you take in the sights of Venice.

When is the best time to visit the Venetian Riviera?


This part of Italy has a pleasant climate for most of the year, with temperatures rising to around 30°c during the peak holiday season of July and August. In spring and autumn, days are generally warm and sunny with cool breezes, making it the perfect time for relaxing and sightseeing.

Is the Venetian Riviera a good holiday destination?


Our holiday to The Venetian Riviera is perfect for those looking to unwind and soak up the sun and as a bonus, Venice is very accessible. On our Lake Garda holidays, we’ll take a guided day trip to Venice and have free time to discover this remarkable city; it’s just one of the many highlights of Italy

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