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Discover the world beyond Europe with us on one of our guided long haul holidays. On our trips, flights, transfers and accommodation are all included, as well as a selection of fantastic excursions with professional, friendly and knowledgeable guides.

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A Guided Group Long Haul Holiday Experience

The logistics of arranging a long-haul holiday can be difficult, time-consuming and sometimes daunting but our holidays take the hassle out of planning a trip, making the whole experience much more enjoyable! Explore incredible destinations, from spiritual journeys through India to iconic road trips through North America to river cruises through China, as well as everything in between. Business Class upgrades are available for purchase on a selection of our Worldwide Holidays to destinations like India and China. We also offer the opportunity to extend your holiday with us on our Long-haul Extensions or through our Tailor-Made service. Both of these options give you the flexibility to add some independent travel while enjoying the many benefits of our guided group tours. Book your Worldwide Holiday with us online right now or contact us to start planning your next adventure.

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