Lake Como Travel Guide

The natural beauty, ornamental gardens, attractive villa facades and tranquil atmosphere of Lake Como have attracted Milanese gentry, artists, Royalty and celebrities for centuries.

Located in the Italian region of Lombardy and covering an area of 146 square kilometres, Lake Como is Italy’s third largest lake. The lake is shaped like the letter Y, with all branches being approximately the same length; the main towns are easily reached by hydrofoil, ferry or water taxi, as well as by road. The Lake is surrounded by lush foliage, dramatic snow covered mountains, and is within easy reach of a handful of popular towns, including Tremezzina and Bellagio.

The beauty and serenity of Lake Como induce a sense of instant wellbeing, and that is just one reason why it remains a favourite holiday destination in Italy for many. You can easily take a day trip to Milan and take an excursion to enjoy a scenic journey through the Swiss Alps on the Bernina Express.

We've outlined some general information that may be helpful to you when planning your next holiday to Lake Como.

Time Zone & Currency

Time Zone & Currency

Italy is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) throughout the year. The currency in Italy is the Euro. 

Weather In Lake Como

Weather In Lake Como

The Italian Lake region is renowned for its pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate throughout the year. 

Reading For Your Trip To Lake Como

Reading For Your Trip To Lake Como

The Devil in Music by Kate Ross

The Da Vinci Deception by Thomas Swan

The Man in the Green Hat by Mannings Cole

Best time to go to Lake Como

Between March and November you can experience sunshine and a pleasant warm climate. The hottest months are in July and August, peak tourist season, where temperatures reach 30°C or more.

Top Tourist Attractions In Lake Como

Live Like A Film Star On The Shores Of Lake Como

With incredible villas set against the magnificent backdrop of Lake Como and its surrounding mountains, it's no wonder it's a favourite holiday destination for many celebrities.

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Food and drink in Lake Como

Northern Italian cuisine tends to be hearty, with butter more commonly used than the olive oil and tomatoes favoured in the south. You’ll find delicious cheeses (Gorgonzola, Taleggio) and air dried salted beef (Bresaola) on most restaurant menus. Specialities include the unctuous Risotto alla Milanese, flavoured with saffron, and Osso Buco, a rich and tasty dish of veal shanks braised in wine. For a refreshing aperitif, try a sparkling wine from Franciacorta and with meats, a glass of Barolo, made from the Nebbiolo grape and one of the great wines of Northern Italy.

Lake Como Travel Guide FAQs

Can you give a brief history of Lake Como?


Lake Como was formed by a melting of a glacier in the quaternary ice age and it's one of the deepest lakes in Europe, 1,345ft deep. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and the Romans created villas along the shore. In medieval times Lake Como was an important trade route, connecting northern Italy to the rest of Europe. During the Renaissance Lake Como's silk industry was established and to this day, it's still known for its high quality. In the 19th century many grand villas, such as Villa Carlotta, were built or modified and it became a popular holiday destination for aristocrats, elites, artists and writers who were attracted by the picturesque landscapes. 

I have walking difficulties, is a holiday in Lake Como suitable?


Our guided tours on our Lake Como holidays will involve walking and standing on some uneven and cobbled surfaces, as well as travel by boat. There may be steep inclines or steps to negotiate at some locations, as well as varying levels within your hotel. Therefore, a reasonable degree of health and mobility is required. For all our tours we have an activity level guide to help you decide which holiday suits you best. For specific advice regarding our Lake Como holidays and to discuss any special needs, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.

Is Lake Como a good holiday destination?


Lake Como offers natural beauty and tranquility, and is the perfect setting for a laid-back, relaxing retreat. It’s also an ideal base if you’re looking to visit other highlights of Italy, such as cosmopolitan Milan, the picturesque Alps and St Moritz or to experience the Bernina Express train journey.

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