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Experience more of the world with us on one of our guided long-haul holidays. From spiritual journeys through South East Asia to adventurous getaways in North America, we’ll experience new aromas, cultures and incredible sights and sounds. 

Far away destinations have never felt so close as you’ll discover with our hand crafted long haul holidays. Guided by local experts who will bring you extra special holiday moments and lifetime memories to share, time and time again. 

Whilst there are some incredible holiday destinations in Europe, sometimes we have to travel just that extra mile to experience far off destinations, new cultures and to tick off those essential travel bucket list activities. From a safari in search of tigers in India to a snowcoach ride on a glacier in Canada. The convenience of having long haul flights, transfers, accommodation and expertly guided tours all wrapped up in one package is hard to beat. Our planned itineraries and excursions ensure you will get the best from every carefully selected location, accompanied by qualified guides.

Experience one of our Long haul holiday destinations in 2024. We also offer the opportunity to extend your holiday with our Long-haul Extensions and if you have somewhere specific that you would like to add either at the beginning or end of your worldwide tour, we can tailor it for you and arrange flights, transfers and hotels.

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Long Haul Holiday FAQs

What is a long haul holiday?


Usually a long haul holiday involves travelling a great distance on a plane with a flight time of 6 hours or more, and go beyond your continent. 

How long is a long haul holiday?


On average our long haul holidays have a duration of two weeks.

Where to go for a long haul holiday?


There are many long haul holiday destinations to choose from which can suit your interests. Choose from an exciting rickshaw tour through the busy streets of Old Delhi where you will take in a spicy kaleidoscope of colours or the thrill of experiencing the rushing rivers and thundering waterfalls up close in Western Canada & the Rockies. Or maybe the wonderful wildlife of South Africa and Sri Lanka is what you would choose.

What if there is an emergency?


We have local representatives in all of our destinations who are available 24/7 as well as an emergency contact number for our offices in Ireland should you ever need it.

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