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We’ll discover so much more thanks to the knowledge, insights and care of our local guides. With your local guide you’ll be in good hands from start to finish.  

Our expert guides are knowledgeable, informative, friendly and caring. They will introduce you to their homeland and will help you create unforgettable holiday experiences. From landmark monuments to natural wonders, great tapas bars to shopping and local markets, our guides will enhance your holiday experience with insider information, recommendations and useful tips that you wouldn’t get in a guidebook.

Our guides use their knowledge, understanding and passion for travel to create the best experiences for you. From hot spots to hidden gems you can rest assured that you will be in great hands.

Our European Guides

Nancy Daigle

Tenerife Tour Guide

Nancy’s background in travel was very much office based and rarely face-to-face. She has flourished in her new role as tour leader for Travel Department and loves meeting people from different backgrounds. Nancy lives in Tenerife; she has excellent knowledge and loves exploring the island with our customers. 

Suzana Cerovic

Dubrovnik Tour Guide

Suzana was born and raised in Dubrovnik but spent a part of her life living in Germany. She studied tourism and has been working as a guide for over 10 years.

Anke Feisel

France Tour Guide

Anke is originally from Germany and has guided our Travel Department groups on the Cote d’Azur and Provence tours since 2016. She loves travelling, discovering new places, visiting historic monuments and beautiful natural places.

Dimitra Potsika

Greece Tour Guide

Dimitra has been a guide since 1998 and has worked with Travel Department for many years. She speaks four languages, English, Italian, Russian and Greek.  Her favorite destinations in Greece are Macedonia, Epirus , Crete and Ikaria because they are off the beaten track and yet full of history, monuments, folk music and wonderful dishes.

Carol Noble

Lake Como Tour Guide

Carol has considerable experience working as a tour guide in Italy, particularly the Lake Como region and loves getting to meet new people on each tour. She also speaks a number of languages including Italian, English and French.

Annalisa Barozzi

Lake Garda Tour Guide

Since Annalisa finished secondary school, she has worked in the travel industry. Annalisa's favourite part about being a guide is the fact that you get to travel and meet lovely people. Apart from guiding groups around her native Italy, Annalisa has also worked as a tour guide in Germany, Austria and Egypt.

Martin Rossi

Lake Garda Tour Guide

Martin loves being a tour guide, in the Trentino & South Tirol regions of Italy, as he is constantly on the move with people of different nationalities and he loves to learn about different cultures. Martin loves introducing our customers to the Lake Garda region of Italy. Asides from Italian & English, Martin also speaks German, French and Spanish!

Renate Tielman

Lake Garda Tour Guide

Renate is a highly experienced tour guide and has led tours for Travel Department in Lake Garda for many years. Renate’s favourite part about being a guide is the fact that you get to travel and meet other people.

Gerardo Di Biase

Sorrento & Le Marche Tour Guide

Born in sunny Puglia, Gerardo has loved travelling and foreign languages ever since he was born. He lived in the USA. as an exchange student and then in Japan for three years, working as a teacher. For many years he has been working as a Tour Guide mostly in Italy, which he knows like the back of his hand.

Alessandra Polacco

Tuscany Tour Guide

Alessandra is from Padua and has lived and worked as a tour guide in Tuscany for a long time. She loves traveling and sharing her passion and knowledge with everyone who chooses to visit her amazing country!

Max Delgado

Tuscany Tour Guide

Max is a certified tour guide and has been leading Travel Department tour groups in Tuscany since 2006. Previously, he worked as a guide in France, Greece, England and Spain. Max loves being a tour guide because he is constantly meeting new people. Sometimes he even gets to indulge his first love, singing and acting in front of our groups! 

Paula Bizarro

Portugal Tour Guide

Paula has many years experience working in the travel industry. She believes the best part of being a tour guide is having the opportunity to  share  the  fascinating culture and beauty of Portugal with our visitors and to help them to discover the secret stories behind the monuments and places.

Ana Solovyeva

Russia Tour Guide

Ana has been working as a tour guide for Travel Department since 2011. She loves being a guide for many reasons, not least because she gets to meet interesting people and learn about new cultures. In her native city of St Petersburg, Ana’s favourite place is the Hermitage Museum.  

Ivan Nikolov

Costa Brava Tour Guide

Ivan has extensive experience in leading tours through the Spanish regions of Catalonia and Valencia. His teaching background has helped to enlighten our Travel Department customers, he loves meeting new people, hearing their stories and making new friends.

Sara Rodríguez

Costa de la Luz Tour Guide

Sara is a certified Spanish Tour Guide and joined Travel Department in 2017. She spent several years living in Africa and this early experience made her realise her passion for travel, so she studied Tourism in Seville. Sara loves History, Art and showing her homeland to many guests and making their holidays unforgettable.

Claire Mellor

Spain Tour Guide

Claire has been working as a Tour Manager for many years, she studied tourism and used to work in Asia, but Spain is where her heart is. She loves to show the best of a destination, from iconic landmarks to the hidden gems.


Meltem Karamete

Turkey Tour Guide

Meltem holds a masters degree in Tourism Management and has been working as a tourist guide for the last 25 years.  She loves her job and showing our customers the beautiful country of Turkey, which has so much to offer nature, history, ancient cities, real life, fun and architecture.

Our Guides From Across The Globe

Dodi Fathy

Egypt Tour Guide

Dodi was born in Cairo and he received his tour guide licence from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. It is a dream come true for Dodi to share his passion and knowledge for Ancient Egypt and he has been leading tours around Egypt for Travel Department since 2007.

Gertie Tuinder

South Africa Tour Guide

Gertie has guided tour groups throughout the beautiful Rainbow Nation of South Africa since 2003. She loves to show our Travel Department customers the natural beauty of South Africa, delicious cuisine, and most of all, South Africa’s friendly, kind and unassuming people.

David Li

China Tour Guide

David loves meeting people and introducing them to all aspects of China; from its 5000 years history & culture to the magnificent Great Wall. There are a lot of things about China that you cannot read from books, but you can learn from David, who will introduce you to the real China.

Jack Dai

China Tour Guide

Jack has been a guide for Travel Department since 2004. He likes to make friends worldwide and showing our customers the Great Wall in Beijing and the Terra Cotta Army in Xian, as well as highlighting the local life in China.  

Cleetus Kuzhikanny

Kerala Tour Guide

Cleetus has been leading our Classic Kerala tours since 2014. He finds the most rewarding part of his job is seeing the reaction on travellers’ faces when they experience a beautiful part of India. Whatever is missing from the guidebooks, Cleetus loves to show the hidden gems. 

Abhimanyu Singh

India Tour Guide

Hailing from the town of Bikaner in Rajastan, Abhimanyu has been leading Travel Department groups in India since 2014. His motto is "Atithi devo bhava", which expresses the idea that each meeting between a guide and a guest is a unique occasion which will never happen the same way twice.


Sri Lanka Tour Guide

Amare has over twenty years’ experience working in tourism and since 2015 has guided our customers in Sri Lanka. Amare loves showing the authenticity of the country rather than what is usually written in a guidebook and shows our customers the best of Sri Lanka.

Shameer Idroos

Sri Lanka Tour Guide

Shammeer has been working in the Travel Industry for nearly 10 years and in his spare time he loves to DJ! Sri Lankans are well known for their warm hospitality and Shammeer loves welcoming our Travel Department customers, teaching fascinating facts about his country and ensure all guests are safe and happy.

Jaime Delgado Vazquez

Cuba Tour Guide

Jaime has worked as a tour guide for nearly 20 years. He speaks English and French. He has a lot of experience in conventional tourism and he specialises in cycling, kayaking and hiking.


Nelson Araujo Lopez

Cuba Tour Guide

Nelson has been working as a tour guide since 1995. Nelson loves teaching Travel Department customers the culture, history and the natural beauty of Cuba. Nelson is extremely passionate about the outdoors so when he is not leading one of our groups, he can be found hiking or bird watching.

Our Service Guarantee

We know that a holiday may be the most important and precious time of the year for most people. We take pride in our local Travel Department guides, who have been meticulously selected to ensure you experience the best of your chosen destination. Our team at Travel Department are extremely passionate and have an unsurpassed reputation for excellent customer service, quality holidays and value.

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