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Why you should take a solo traveller holiday

08 April 2019
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Although travelling alone may sound scary, Solo Travel is continuing to rise in popularity. There could be numerous reasons why someone is travelling by themselves and solo travellers come from all walks of life, but they all have a similar interest - a sense of adventure! So travelling alone shouldn't stop you from seeing the world and discovering amazing destinations. Check out our reasons why you should consider a Solo Traveller Holiday with Travel Department.

A chance to see incredible destinations

From the Pyramids of Giza to the La Sagrada Família, we have a fantastic range of solo holidays around the world.

Time for yourself

You will have the comfort and convenience of staying in your very own hotel room during your holiday. Also during your time at leisure, you have the freedom to do your own exploration, see the sights you want to see or simply relax and take it easy.

Meet like-minded people

It’s often the people you meet on holiday that are the highlight of the entire trip and you’ll have amazing memories of the shared experiences you had together. The beauty of a solo holiday is that you will be travelling with a group of other independent travellers.

You’ll never be alone

On our solo traveller Holidays you will have an experienced and knowledgeable local guide with you throughout the entire tour, who can offer suggestions for what to see and do in your leisure time and ensure you have an authentic experience.

Solo travellers are always welcome

Remember, solo travellers can always join one of our regular holidays where we always have a limited number of single rooms available.

Discover our Solo Traveller Holidays.


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