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TD Team | 25 August 2021
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Although Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean, there are an abundance of sights to see and activities to do. Malta has a colourful 7000 year history that has resulted in a magical blend of culture, cuisine, language and landscape. Plus the country enjoys a delightfully sunny climate all year round. If you’re considering a holiday in Malta, then check out our selection of the top tourist attractions you can experience. 

Discover Valletta

Guided tour of Valletta

A UNESCO World Heritage City, Valletta is Malta's capital, named after its founder, the respected Grand Master of the Order of St. John, Jean Parisot de la Valette. Although it’s one of the smallest cities in Europe and can easily be explored by foot, it has so much to offer. The fortress city grew on the arid rock of the Mount Sciberras peninsula, which rises steeply from two deep harbours, Marsamxett and Grand Harbour. Valletta’s narrow side streets boast some of Europe's finest art works, Baroque architecture, churches and palaces as well as tiny, quaint shops and cafes, while its main streets are lined with larger international branded shops.

Uncover Mdina

Guided excursions to Mdina

The history of Mdina traces back more than 4000 years. In 60 AD the Apostle St. Paul is said to have lived here after being shipwrecked on the islands.  Lamp lit by night and referred to as “the silent city”, Mdina is captivating to visit for its timeless atmosphere as well as its cultural and religious treasures. Mdina is one of Europe’s finest examples of an ancient walled city and is extraordinary in its mix of medieval and Baroque architecture.

Take a trip to Gozo

Day trip to Gozo

Gozo, the second largest Island, is picturesque, with green hills, tranquil villages and magnificent seascapes. It’s 25 minutes by ferry from the main island of Malta. The town of Victoria, also known as Rabat, is the geographic heart of Gozo and the centre of activity. It’s where the iconic Azure Window used to be, but unfortunately due to natural erosion it collapsed in 2017. However, there are still other sights in Gozo worth visiting, such as Ġgantija Megalithic temples. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s one of the oldest free standing temples in the world; they even predate the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. The spectacular Dwerjra Inland Sea is a lagoon of seawater linked to the Mediterranean Sea through an opening formed by a narrow natural arch. Also, it’s said to be the home of Calypso from Homer’s Odyssey. Book your place on our Malta & Gozo holiday today.

Relax in Malta’s Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Malta with its various spectacular shades of blue water and jagged cliffs; you will feel like you’re visiting paradise. It’s the perfect place to unwind and admire the surroundings. Kayaking and snorkelling are some of the most popular things to do in the Blue Lagoon as the waters are crystal clear. The Blue Lagoon is located in Comino, a small island located between Malta and Gozo, which you can get to easily by bus or ferry. Comino is derived from ‘cumin’, as the spice used to predominantly grow there. It has even been used as a filming location for ‘Troy’ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ If you go to Saint Mary’s Tower, which used to be a watch tower for invaders, you may be able to spot some seals and  dolphins. 

Discover Marsaxlokk

Discover Marsaxlokk Fishing Boats

The largest fishing village in Malta, which is best known for its traditional colourful fishing boats called Luzzus, you may notice the mythical eye painted on their prows, which is supposed to help protect them from evil spirits. You will also find a church, built in 1897, dedicated to the Madonna of Pompeii and the 17th century Fort St. Lucian, which was built by the Order of St. John to protect the village from Ottoman attacks.

Explore The Three Cities

Guided tour of Three Cities in Malta

Discover the historical area known as the three cities, Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea or as the Maltese refer to them collectively, ‘Cottonera.’ Situated across the grand harbour from Valletta, these medieval cities were founded by the Knights of the Order of Saint John. The Knights were expelled from Rhodes in 1522 and later settled in Vittoriosa, also known as Birgu, where they repurposed its fort. When the Ottomans failed to take Vittoriosa in 1551, they invaded Gozo and enslaved the population instead. Following this attack, the Knights built the city of Senglea with new fortifications. It's a fascinating area to explore and is a key part of Malta maritime history. 

Relax on the Golden Bay

Visit Golden Bay Beach in Malta

One of the most popular beaches in Malta with tourists and locals, the Golden Bay is located North West of Malta and is accessible by public transport. It’s a Blue flag certified beach which has good facilities and amenities surrounded by dunes and rugged cliffs, where a 17th century Knights of Malta watch tower is situated. Also, it's a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset. 

Visit Popeye Village

Discover Popeye Village in Malta

Initially built as a film set in Anchor Bay for the live-action 1980 film ‘Popeye’ starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duval, in fact construction of the colourful village took longer than the filming production! Today it’s now a small family amusement park, but it can be enjoyed by adults who appreciate kitsch activities - it’s definitely a bit of fun!    

This small country is so much more than a sun destination. Discover its unique island charm with us, whatever your interests are, there is so much to see and do on one of our holidays to Malta.  

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