Compelling Croatia – 30 things to know before you go!

Georgina Willcox | 22 February 2019
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Whether you are an avid adventurer, a self-confessed foodie, a history buff or just in need of a break, then holidays in Croatia might be the solution for you. It’s a stunning country with views to be seen and stories to be heard. Cold in winter and hot in summer, it’s great to visit all year around depending on the type of trip you are in the market for.

Croatia holidays offer tourists idyllic scenes when it comes to nature. Known for its incredible sunsets, you can chill by the ocean, climb a mountain or swim in the sea. From trails to treks, there is something for everyone and that’s long before delving deeper into all the delights the country has to offer. Like any country rich in history, traditions, local practices and native cuisine, Croatia does not disappoint. It’s also a location full of quirky sites and activities so it’s far from your average destination. It’s unique in its catering for those looking for a classic holiday or something a bit different.

Whether you are considering visiting Croatia or already packed to go, the more you can know about a country before taking the leap, the better. Not everyone has the time to read up before they set off on their holidays so that’s why we’ve created this list which will save you time on research so you'll have more time at the beach.


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