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5 reasons to visit Poland

06 December 2019
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Poland is an Eastern European gem, boasting rich culture and history, wonderful architecture and stunning scenery; it is a truly unique country. Discover our five reasons to visit Poland. 

1. Incredible historical sites

Poland has many incredible historical destinations, including 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Krakow, there is Wawel Cathedral with the giant 13 tonne Sigismund Bell in its bell tower, and the Royal Tombs, the final resting place of 13 Polish kings. Krakow is also home to the largest market square in medieval Europe; it is framed by tenement houses, palaces and churches with their magnificent interiors.  Although it’s a very harrowing and poignant experience, you can easily book a day excursion from Krakow to Auschwitz, one of the infamous concentration camps and a symbol for the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazi regime. Another day trip from Krakow worth a visit is the Wieliczka Salt Mines. A listed UNESCO monument since 1978, the Wieliczka mine is thought to have been created by the forces of nature around 15 million years ago. The mine features nine floors, ranging from 64 meters to 327 meters in depth, with one shaft dating from medieval times.

2. Charming old towns

The Old Town in Gdańsk offers a perfect mix of historic buildings, cobbled streets and impressive architecture. If you’re a fan of gothic architecture then you should definitely consider a visit to the Church of St. Catherine. We recommend taking a walk around this historic area and taking in some of the highlights along the way which include Gdańsk Granaries, Gdańsk Mills, the Town Hall and the Monument of King Sobieski. The Wrocław Old Town resembles a fairytale city and highlights include the Cathedral Island and Wrocław University where you can enter the WatchTower and Aula Leopoldina.

3. It has a vibrant capital

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and before it was destroyed during WW2 it was known as the “Paris of the East”.  Between 1945 and 1989, the country was under Communist rule and the city has only recently become one of the top cities to visit in Europe. Take the Royal Route, where you’ll be able to see a number of Warsaw’s landmarks, such as the Royal Castle and Łazienki Palace. We also recommend visiting the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the Warsaw Rising Museum and Wilanow Palace, the ‘Polish Versailles’, a 17th century Baroque royal residence. 

4. Beautiful landscapes

For those looking to escape from the city, Poland offers natural scenery - lakes, forests and mountains. We recommend a visit to Zakopane, a charming town renowned for its wooden architecture and unique style of decoration. This popular resort town is located in the Tatrzanski National Park, in the heart of the magnificent Tatra Mountains - The Polish Alps.

5. Delicious Polish cuisine

Famous Polish dishes include Pierogi, dumplings which can be filled with a variety of savoury or sweet ingredients. Gołąbki is cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice and cooked in tomato sauce. Bigos is a slow-cooked stew made with meat and vegetables. Kiełbasa Krakowska is a tasty Krakow sausage with pepper and garlic. For a sweet treat, try chocolate-covered prunes. Poland is also known for excellent beers and a wide selection of vodkas.

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