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Touring Holidays In Sicily

Join us for the perfect mix of breathtaking scenery, warm weather and fascinating history on our guided holidays to Sicily. The majority of our holidays include flights, accommodation, transfers, excursions and award-winning local guides, so forget the stress of planning and navigating once you get there.

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A Guided Holiday Experience In Sicily

Located just off the toe of Italy, the island of Sicily is the largest in the Mediterranean and has played host to a number of civilisations over its history including Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Moorish and Norman. The island is home to many fantastic examples of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the most spectacular of which is the Syracuse Archaeological Park. On our holidays to Sicily, we’ll visit traces of former civilisations including Phoenician settlements, Roman amphitheatres, Greek temples and Aragonese churches.  Beyond its incredible heritage, Sicily also boasts spectacular scenery including volcanic landscapes, beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters. Our holidays include plenty of time to soak up this awe-inspiring terrain and absorb the atmosphere of the island.  We offer a variety of different holidays to Sicily to suit your needs, including a Solo Traveller option for those looking to make new friends. 

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