Top 20 must-see destinations in 2022

TD Team | 09 December 2020
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We’ve put together a list of our favourite destinations to give you some inspiration for where you might travel to in 2022.

1. Iceland

Discover Iceland

When you visit Iceland, you can explore volcanic landscapes, breath-taking waterfalls, the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon and there’s an opportunity to experience the Northern Lights. 

2. Malta

Malta is packed with so much to see and do, even though it’s one of the smallest countries in Europe. A holiday in Malta will offer an enchanting blend of history, culture, golden sandy beaches and wonderful weather. 

3. Slovenia 

Visit Lake Bled in Slovenia

Slovenia is a true gem, it’s one of Europe’s unspoilt destinations. Visit the beautiful glacial Lake Bled, the charming baroque capital city of Ljubljana or relax on its coastline on a trip to Slovenia

4. Lake Garda

Discover Lake Garda and its beautiful lakeside towns. Italy’s largest lake is the perfect base if you’re looking to take excursions to the wonderful cities of Venice and Verona.

5. Egypt

Explore Egypt on guided holiday

See the iconic highlights of Egypt like the Pyramids of Giza, then cruise down the River Nile from Luxor to Aswan and visit historic temples.

6. Cannes and Côte d’Azur

Experience the French Riviera with our holiday to Cannes and the Côte d’Azur. Take a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, take a day trip to Monaco, visit the medieval hilltop village of St-Paul-de-Vence and enjoy the beautiful coastline. 

7. Rhine & Danube Rivers

Visit Budapest on a river cruise

Experience a River Cruise holiday; enjoy the breathtaking views and incredible architecture as you sail along these iconic European rivers.

8. Tenerife 

The largest of the Canary Islands and with fantastic weather all year round a holiday in Tenerife is a perfect escape; it combines sun, volcanic landscapes and fantastic beaches. There are also plenty of excursions in Tenerife you can take, such as Mount Teide and the UNESCO World Heritage city of La Laguna.

9. Russia

Guided tours to Russia

On our guided tours to Russia, you’ll explore the Kremlin and Red Square in the historic city of Moscow. In St. Petersburg, the ‘Venice of the North’, you’ll see the most impressive collection of art in The Hermitage and visit imperial palaces. 

10. Jordan

Explore the ancient sandstone city of Petra and the other-worldly desert of Wadi Rum when you visit Jordan

11. Peru

Visit Machu Picchu on Peru holiday

Discover the hustle and bustle of Lima and experience Machu Picchu, the breathtaking citadel set high in the Andes, on a trip to Peru.

12. South Africa

The Rainbow Nation is a fantastic country to visit. Explore South Africa, its spectacular scenery, flora and fauna on the Garden Route’s nature reserves. Take a Safari drive in the Kariega Game Reserve and search for the “Big Five”. 

13. Dubrovnik

Explore Dubrovnik on guided Croatia holiday

George Bernard Shaw famously stated, “Those that seek paradise on earth should seek it in Dubrovnik.” Discover Croatia and visit Dubrovnik, see this spectacularly preserved 16th century city, known for its defensive walls and red-roofed buildings. 

14. Morocco

Discover the traditional Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains and the brightly coloured souks of Marrakech on a trip to Morocco.

15. Sorrento

Experience Sorrento

Discover Sorrento and take in sweetly scented lemon groves, dramatic seaside cliffs. From Sorrento you can easily take a day trip to Capri or Pompeii and experience one of Europe’s most scenic routes, the Amalfi Coast.

16. Montenegro 

For a small country Montenegro has it all; beautiful beaches, interesting history, rich culture and it even has a Fjord! Lord Byron eloquently stated “At the birth of the planet the most beautiful encounter between land and sea must have been on the Montenegrin coast.” Experience this incredible country on our Highlights of the Montenegro Riviera tour

17. Istanbul

Visit Istanbul on a guided tour

Travel back in time on a trip to Istanbul, this transcontinental city that was shaped by the Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans. 

18. The Algarve

While most people know the Algarve for its breath-taking beaches, there is so much more to this stunning Portuguese Coast. It is a region full of fascinating culture and history, charming towns and villages and superb cuisine. We recommend taking some time away from the beach so you can uncover more of Portugal.

19. Lake Como

Visit Lake Como

Unwind with a holiday to Lake Como and explore the delights of the Italian Alps as you take a Scenic Train Journey on The Bernina Express.

20. India

On our guided India holidays, you’ll discover the cultural delights and marvel at many architectural wonders, from the Taj Mahal in Agra to the Amber Fort in Rajasthan. India is also full of vibrant and historic cities, such as the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur and Udaipur, the 'Venice of the East', an incredible city built around Lake Pichola. 

We’ve selected 20 destinations for 2022 but there is so much to discover with over 100 destinations worldwide. If you would like some expert advice choosing where you might go in 2022, our team is always there to give you insights and details on where might best suit your quest for discovery in 2022. 

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