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TD Team | 01 February 2018
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Located along the northern end of Lake Garda, Limone is set along a backdrop of rocky cliffs with stunning lakeside scenery. It is one of the most picturesque places to stay in Lake Garda, and is a great base for exploring and enjoying the lake.

The heart of Limone old town is centred around its beautiful little harbour, the Porto Vecchio. This area is a great place to relax and unwind with its picturesque waterfront terraces and plenty of waterfront cafés from which you can enjoy the lakeside views while sipping on a cappuccino. The quaint narrow streets around the port are filled with gorgeous boutiques and shops so you can leave the lake behind and shop to your heart’s content.

Moving away from the waterfront and following the narrow paths to the north of the harbour, you’ll leave the hustle and bustle behind. Here, you’ll discover another side to Limone, from old lemon groves to small pebbled beaches that are perfect for sunbathing. To the south of the harbour, you’ll find a waterfront promenade, perfect for an afternoon stroll to take in the mountain backdrops and lakeside views.

From Limone with Love - The James Bond Connection...

The town’s most recent claim to fame is that some scenes from the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum of Solace were filmed here, these scenes included a thrilling car chase along the historic lakeside road, the Via Gardesana so you should watch the film upon your return and see if you can recognise the quaint narrow streeets of charming Limone for yourself.

Suggestions for the perfect day at leisure in Limone...

Spend your morning enjoying an espresso in the waterfront cafés while admiring the beautiful lakeside views. Once you’re nice and relaxed, it’s definitely worth the effort of climbing the narrow and steep cobbled streets to reach some of the town’s remaining lemon groves. There are an array of beautiful old churches to explore at your own pace while you build up an appetite for lunch, we’d suggest the Chiesa di San Benedetto, which is in a panoramic position above the lake and offers beautiful views of the town and surrounding region. When you’ve built up an appetite, why not return to the Porto Vecchio to enjoy a hearty lunch, perhaps fresh water fish from the lake, drizzled with olive oil and juice from local lemons. Enjoy an afternoon stroll along the waterfront promenade, stretching your legs and breathing in the fresh air while admiring the views across the lake. Finally, you can buy all your presents in the charming shops selling locally produced lemon products (food, cosmetics etc.) for something different.

Points of interest in Limone include:

Porto Vecchio – the town’s little harbour with picturesque waterfront terraces and plenty of waterfront cafés – a great place for sun bathing and relaxing
Limonaia del Castèl – an old lemon grove which is well worth a visit
Renaissance Churches – including Chiesa di San Rocco, Chiesa di San Benedetto and Limone's oldest church, the Chiesa di San Pietro

If you'd like to discover the quaint lakeside town of Limone for yourself, why not consider one of our Lake Garda tours? A selection of dates from May-October use Limone as their base for the week so you'll have plenty of time to explore the region.

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