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5 Reasons to visit Lake Garda

TD Team | 07 October 2014
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Northern Italy lays claim to some of the country’s most precious holiday gems. On one incredible Travel Department holiday you can experience everything that Lake Garda, Venice and Verona have to offer. Here, Travel Department guide Renate Tielman shares her reasons why you should book today.

1. Lake Garda

Renate will guide holidaymakers on a full day tour of Lake Garda. The excursion is an incredible opportunity to witness the beautiful historic towns along Lake Garda’s scenic shores.

“Encircled by beautiful mountains, Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful European lakes,” says Renate. “This is an ideal holiday location for Irish people.”

2. Verona

On the full day excursion to Verona, holidaymakers can enjoy the mesmerising sight of the city’s Roman Amphitheatre - the third largest in Italy.

“It is one of the best-preserved amphitheatres in the world. Today, it is used for beautiful opera performances.”

There is also an opportunity to visit Juliet’s Balcony – said to be the setting of the world’s most famous love story.

“Travellers can also stroll through the beautiful roman squares and shop for souvenirs in their free time.”

3. Venice

On the full day excursion to Venice, there will be a guided tour of the city, which will include famous landmarks such as St Mark's Square and the Doges Palace.

“It is always very nice to guide people through Venice,” says Renate, “after all, this is one of the most famous cities in the world. Venice is unique and beautiful. You can’t compare it with any other city.”

4. Food and drink

Renate says that Irish tourists always enjoy sampling Lake Garda’s local produce.

"The local wines are always very popular. So too are our pizzas and seafood dishes (which include trout and sardines). But most of all, the Irish love our ice cream. It’s world famous!"

5. Free time

Another benefit to Travel Department’s Lake Garda, Venice and Verona holiday is that there is ample time to explore at your own pace. However, Renate has one recommendation of how to use the free time.

“While you can explore Lake Garda by boat, I would recommend a swim in the amazing crystal clear waters or even to just dip your feet. It’s an experience you won’t forget!”

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