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TD Team | 04 September 2020
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We all love to travel for various reasons; seeing historical sights, relaxing on the beach, experiencing new cultures, savouring new cuisines and socialising with the locals. Sometimes the unforgettable trips we take across the world are where we meet like-minded people and make friends for life. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our holiday plans when Covid19 made its impact early this year. Various measures have been put in place to ensure our safety and as we are adapting to the ‘new normal’, so is the travel industry.

Whilst many of us were on lockdown, undoubtedly our sense of wanderlust grew stronger. We are optimistic that 2022 will be a much better year for travel. We are constantly reviewing and revising all our safety protocols, so when you book your guided holiday with us, you’ll have peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to keep you safe and be able to travel with confidence.

Check out some of the guidelines that have been implemented through the travel sector and our own measures, so you can be prepared for your journey and holiday. 

Safety Measures at Airports

Safety measures at airports

It’s advised to keep your face-mask on throughout your airport journey and perspex screens have been installed where necessary, such as the check in desk. Hand sanitiser is provided at various points and enhanced cleaning is also taking place. As social distancing will be in place at the airport, it may take slightly longer to go through security so we suggest arriving a bit earlier than usual.

Safety measures on airlines

Aircraft are cleaned very frequently and many have upgraded their cleaning procedures and are using hospital grade disinfectant. Some people are concerned that being in a confined space will lead to transmission, but studies have shown that modern airplanes have very good air filtration. Passengers and cabin crew are required to wear masks at all times, except when consuming food and drink. Food service may not be available, so make sure to pack plenty of food with you as you don’t want to be hungry on the flight!

Safety measures at hotels

We carefully choose our hotels to ensure the best holiday experience for our customers. Our hotels have vigorous cleaning regimes, staff will mostly be wearing face-masks (though usually not those behind perspex screens) and guests in many countries have to wear them in public areas. The beloved buffet will no longer be available in most places and will likely be replaced with an à la carte menu. Depending on your destination, local customs and regulations may vary.

New Travel Department protocol for safety

Our priority is to bring you the best experience, safely and we will look after you every step of the way. Some steps we have taken include: smaller group sizes, coaches cleaned before each trip and using the same seat on each tour. We’ll avoid big crowds and restricted spaces as much as possible. Where the guided excursions are in busier or more compact locations audio guides will be used so you can maintain social distancing without missing a single word!

Our CEO Sara Zimmerman visited Italy very recently to experience what a holiday will be like for our customers and checked everything out on the ground. 

“My visit to Lake Como and Lake Garda in August was hugely reassuring. In both destinations, the welcome I received was warm and genuine, and holidaymakers were out and about, enjoying the best that Italy has to offer: stunning scenery, great weather, fantastic coffee, the world’s best ice cream, and great food and wine… I was impressed by the new safety measures in place, with everyone respecting social distancing, hand sanitising stations in evidence almost everywhere I went, and people wearing masks indoors in public spaces and even outdoors in crowded places. The hotels have adapted well to the new measures, and everything was running very smoothly even in peak season. All our tours will be with small groups of no more than 25 people for the time being, and we have thoroughly reviewed every element of each tour and made a number of adjustments to ensure that our customers can travel with confidence while continuing to enjoy their Travel Department holidays to the full.”

Light and Relaxed guided tours

We can still discover some of the top destinations in Europe whilst adhering to the highest possible safety standards on our Light and Relaxed holidays, where we have carefully crafted our itineraries for maximum enjoyment. We’ll experience fantastic excursions in the company of expert local guides and have ample time to unwind. And, of course, flights, accommodation, transfers and excursions are all included in the price.

General safety tips for travel

If you’re planning on travelling soon, we also suggest you take your own mask; if you can get a reusable one, even better as it’s more sustainable for the environment! Although most places will have hand sanitiser stations, make sure to have your own anti-bacterial hand gel with you at all times.

Although these measures will change the holiday experience you’re used to, they are hopefully temporary and are there to ensure your safety. We can still deliver the best holiday for you so you will travel with confidence. Find your perfect destination and book your next guided holiday with us.

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