Holiday in China, the land of dragons and emperors

TD Team | 04 February 2019
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From rickshaw tours around the streets of Beijing to cycling on the Old City Wall of Xi’an, there is never a dull moment in China. Travel Department’s Senior Product Executive Lucy Maher, has lots of experience sending holidaymakers to Asia and lists her top 5 attractions in China.

The Forbidden City

“Beijing’s history is in evidence everywhere and the people are very proud and welcoming,” says Lucy. “The most surprising thing for me was the sheer size of the Forbidden City. The Olympic Stadium, the unsurpassed views of the city from the various temples. Beijing has it all!”

History in the making

With Travel Department you have the chance to see what is widely considered as one of the most impressive archaeological sites in all of Asia. “It’s hard to put into words what it felt like walking in to Pit One and come face to face with the army of warriors still guarding their Qin Dynasty Emperor.”

The Great Wall

Stretching over 20,000 kilometres across the country with origins dating back centuries, China’s Great Wall is a sight to behold.“One of my favourite parts of the holiday is the excursion to The Great Wall. It truly takes your breath away, and many say you can even see it from outer space!”

A Taste of the Orient

“While travelling through the country you’ll experience different flavours. However, no trip to China is complete without experiencing a Mongolian Hot Pot, which Travel Department guests can try in Beijing and Xi’an.” Hot Pots in China have a delicious history stretching back 1,000 years. But if you’re in the mood for a taste of home, all of the hotels on Travel Department’s holiday offer Western style meals.

Local knowledge

As with every Travel Department holiday you will be accompanied by knowledgeable and charming local guides. “Their knowledge, patience and wonderful personalities are what make Travel Department guides so helpful. They even have the cúpla focal which makes our guests feel even more special.”

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Travel Department’s Senior Product Executive Lucy lists her top attractions to China.