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Customer Health & Safety Advice

Health & Safety With Travel Department

Customer safety is paramount and we take all reasonable steps to ensure we provide safe and trouble free travel to the best of our ability. In addition, we encourage our suppliers to improve safety standards where required, by seeking good practice in health and safety regarding all aspects of their operation. We know that part of the enjoyment of travelling is the ability to experience new destinations, people and places. However, It may also mean experiencing different standards of safety and hygiene than those you are used to at home, therefore we also ask that you take extra care, use your common sense as well as refer to notices and follow any safety advice provided locally too.

We want you to have an excellent time with us and therefore would like you to remind you that when you are travelling you should exercise more care than you do at home. Part of the enjoyment of travelling is sometimes experiencing a different way of life and cultures but it may also mean experiencing different safety and hygiene standards than those you are used to.

We are continually working with our suppliers to ensure that your stay is safe and trouble free, but we do ask that you take that little bit of extra care whilst you are away.

The following are some important safety tips:

Important Safety Tips

General Health & Safety

Local Transport Safety

Road Safety

Fire Safety

Glass Safety

Balcony Safety

Customer Health & Safety Advice

Food Safety In order to avoid the possibility of stomach upsets:

Personal Safety

Sun Care


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